stillborn 9th November 2002.
Remembered by Jaquie:
For Jeromy I held you in my arms, My heart was breaking,I kissed your beautiful face, and gently wiped it clean, I counted your tiny fingers and toes, I wished to god they'd wiggle, You have big strong looking hands, I was lucky enough to hold them, You have a gorgous little mouth, I'd give anything to see you smile, Or hear you cry, I blew softly on your face, I prayed your eyes would open, And I would see them sparkling like stars in the sky. Jeromy, I would have sung you lullabys, And kissed you better when you hurt, I would have watched you play with your brother Jordan and sister Tanielle, And cousins Erin, Katie, Suzie and Shelby. I would have loved you unconditionally, I will love you.......Always, Auntie Jaquie


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