born April 22, 1993 and died April 22, 1993.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy Bee:

You started out as a tiny miracle
Made from the deepest love I've ever known
Every minute you were with me
Growing and kicking inside your private home

At night I would wonder who you'd look like
And map out all of our plans
I would go over every single detail
From a baby boy to a great big man

Don't eat this, don't drink that
I watched everything I did
You were going to be perfect and healthy
Just the greatest little kid

Who could ask for anything more
My life was all complete
A loving husband, a warm home, and a baby
My heart could not miss a beat

Then things got so confusing
Things got way out of hand
They told me there was no heart beat
And I just could not understand

Seven months of love you gave me
The most precious days of your life
I will never ever forget you
Even though you are out of my sight

I do nothing but wander around
Searching for a clue
Trying to figure out what happened
And wondering what I should do

I ask the Heavens above to forgive me
Oh please Lord, what have I done
It's so hard for me to face the day
Because you were still my son

Love Mommy and Daddy


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