born January 23, 1977 and died January 23, 1977.
Remembered by Mommie ~ Norma:
My dearest Angel Baby Jason I cannot believe it has been 26 years-----it seems like just yesterday---I held you in my arms----your lifeless little body---I thank God for the time he gave me with you. You would have been a man today. My little man--there has not been one day that has gone by that I have not cried for you. I know you are my guardian Angel---you are with your other brothers & sisters that passed on to soon & the rest of your loving family----I cannot wait to join you all---I know I only have a few years left---giving birth to your little sister has left my body in a terrible state----I would do it all over again---to have all of you, my children. You are with me forever, in my heart, my Son----Mommie


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