stillborn 7/10/02.
Remembered by Uncle Ashly, Nana, Grandad and Uncle Danny.:
I miss you both soo very much, and I live on the hope that one day we will all be together. The night you were take away from was the greatest day, also the sadist day of my life,I was unaware of being pregnant but from the moment I held you both in my arms I was flooded with the immense emotion of love, it was a feeling that I have never felt before. Everyone misses you soo much, you are not forgotten and I just hope that my two little girls are happy in heaven and that Aunty Ruth and Uncle Murray are looking after you. I just wish that we could all be together, but I know that one day we will and that day will be the happiest day of my life. I love you loads and miss you lots you are my two little angels XxXxXxX


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