stillborn Dec. 22,2002.
Remembered by Jeff, Tera and a special big brother Grayson:
Our little Trenton never new life outside of my tummy. He was warm and safe and liked to kick after ever meal. He was such the joy in my life! Although I never saw his little face with life I will never forget those little arms and legs kicking mommy's tummy and the joy it brought me each and every time. Trenton was my gift even though he was opened too soon. I often think of the things I will never do with him. I think of those late night feedings and his breath on my face. I think of those kisses I can never again give him. I think of those quiet moments in my arms rocking him to sleep and him snuggled to my chest. My arms long to hold him and my heart breaks to feel him. He is perfect in every way and he is his mommy and daddy's littlest boy. His big brother ( age 3 ) wanted to teach him how to play “Batman and Robin“ he misses giving his little brother good morning kisses. Trenton we will never forget you. You are mommy and daddy's baby and we love you with all of our hearts forever and ever.


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