stillborn 06-06-02.
Remembered by Mommy:
Today is Mommy's birthday.... I can't think of any gift I'd love more than to see your face, but pictures will have to do - that and my dreams. Mommy and Daddy have been trying to give you a little brother or sister, but no luck yet... I hope you know how much my arms ache to hold a little miracle like I once held you. And to know too, that no matter who comes in or out of my life, there is no one that will every fill the place in my heart that is reserved just for you. I miss you so much, my sweet... But I know that Grandpa and Great Grandma and pa Seaney are spoiling you rotten. You tell them that I miss them too, and to take good care of you!! All my love, sweet boy, Love, Mommy


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