born October 1, 2002 and died October 1, 2002.
Remembered by Chris (daddy), Tiffany (mommy), & Tiona (big sister) Lenhardt, Grandparents- Doug and Candie Rice, R:
We miss you so much. God sent you here for just a few hours, to grace our presence. We are forever thankful for the light you have shined on us. We want you to be here with us so badly. We had dreams for you, wishes for you, and hopes for you. We needed your love. But when we start to get mad that you're gone. We start to think of how special you must be to God. Because as much as we needed you and wanted you, he needed and wanted you more. That, if anything gives us comfort. He gave you to us to love forever, and he wanted you to love and live with him forever. How awesome that must be for you, little angel, to touch God's face. To smell his hair, to see Jesus!! You mean the world to us. And we hope that you know how much you're missed, tell Grandpa Rice to pinch your pinky. And Grandpa Lenhardt and Grandma Lenhardt, tell them hello as well, daddy didn't even get to meet them. And let Jack know we love him as well. We know that you have so many family members watching over you like great aunts and your great grandparents, and grandparents. God has blessed us in a unigue way sweetie. Until we meet again with wings....we will always keep you in our hearts and minds. We love you baby-girl, Daddy, Mommy, Tiona, and family.


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