born 13 .October 2002 and died 13 October 2002.
Remembered by your daddy and mummy and your big brothers forever and a day:
Perfectly born ,perfectly born ,such fragile truth ,Perfection,We never knew that morning ,what sadness the day would bring,when a special heart stopped beating .and we couldnt do a thing,the birds stopped singing in the trees,the wind died down,there was no breeze,time stood still for one and all,when the angels came to call ,now you are free to live in grace, beyond this world ,in that special place .Though your feet never got to walk ,your delicate footprints will always be etched in my soul,Though your eyes never got to weep ,your silver tears will run with mine .Though your fingers never got to reach,your golden touch will always be imprinted on my palm,Though your lips never got to move,your silent words will always echo in my mind ,For all my life i can proudly say .We had a daughter and in our hearts she'll stay. We love you Ebony ,with more truth and power than known to us before .We will treasure the gift that is you,and have faith that we will be together for all eternity,.love from mum ,dad and your big brothers.....


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