born January 7, 1993 and died January 10, 1993.
Remembered by Daddy, Mommy, big brother Hunter and little sisters Anwyn and Morrigan:
Conall you were born after the perfect pregnancy and birth. We thought we were going to have a lifetime of loving you. Little did we know that your little heart just wasn't going to be able to keep you here on Earth with us. You fought to be born and gave each of us a special "gift". You came home to meet your big brother and all of your grandparents. We were able to love and care for you, something that we will cherish forever. When your life slipped away you were in my arms snuggling warmly at my breast. Thank you son for allowing me to give you that gift. I know that when your spirit left to go back to heaven you knew how loved you will always be. You're brother and sisters will forever look to the sky and send you bubbles, balloons, and kisses. Thank you our special son for living...
Blessed be, Mommy


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