born Wednesday 5th February 2003 and died Wednesday 5th february 2003.
Remembered by Mummy and Daddy (Rhianna and Chris), sisters Melissa Rose, Lucy Jane and Mia Alexandria:
Our little angels. There are no words to describe how much mummy and daddy will miss you. We love you with all our heart, and always will. Your sisters will always remember you and no they now have 3 guardian angels to look after them. Arlena is up there with you, so dont be scared. Your big sister and Uncle Jack will look after you. My heart is breaking that you lived such a shoet time, but mummies angels you are free to be where you need to go. We will always be a large family even though you are my stars in the sky. I love you with all my heart. I am always going to be mummy to 6 little girls though 3 are live in my heart. My angels have fun, look after all we care about. We will miss you everyday my angels. Until we meet again my darlings will love you always. love to you both and your dear sister. Your dear parents and loving sisters. In memory of: Arlena Laura Jamieson died Sept 28th 1997 aged 4 months Jack Douglas jamieson died sept 24th 1997 (Arlenas daddy) Both Jack and Arlena will look after my little angels who were taken from us this week, at just an hour old. Keep smiling Mummies angels


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