born May 12th 1997 and died Sept 28th 1997.
Remembered by Mummy (Rhianna) and new sisters.:
Dear Arlena Mummy has a special message for you. Two little angels this week, your little sisters. Please look after them, you would be 6 years old this year and mummy often wonders what you eoulf look like. You now have 3 little sisters, melissa, lucy and Mia who love you very much, although you never met. Mummy got married and the girls daddy Chris talks of you often, you would love him my darling. On the dreadful day my sweet baby you made a decision and you went to be your daddy who also slipped away from the accident. Mummy thinks about you both everyday and still remembers the last smile that you gave me, it broke my heart darling. Holding your tiny body, but my sweet we remember you and so many new people now know what a special little girl you were and still are. My baby look after your sisters who were also chosen to be stars. Mummy loves you and you will live in my heart forever. All my love Mum.


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