born November 15, 1997 and died April 1, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Andrew, Kelsie, Mimi, and Winnie:
From the very first day she was born, her Daddy called her "Our little angel." She was the most perfect thing we had ever seen. She always had a smile for anyone who looked at her, like she was so happy to see you she could hardly contain her joy. She was pure, innocent, and full of happiness. One week before she died, she laughed out loud. How smart we all thought she was, to be laughing at four months. Now we know that it was God's gift to us. We can still hear her laughter and it brings us comfort. Her brother and sister talk of her frequently and can't wait to see her in heaven. Andrew wants to take her a onesie when he goes so she won't get cold. Kaitlin was taken by SIDS, and we have formed an organization in West Virginia to help other families who have been touched by this tragedy. She was a wonderful gift from God. She has become our hearts. What a blessing and a privilege to have had her in our lives, even if for just 4 short months. It is still very difficult, but I know we will see her someday. And she will still be smiling and kicking her legs in excitement, knowing that we have come to hold her once again.


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