miscarried October 14, 1999.
Remembered by mommy and daddy:
Our precious little angel, we miss you so much. We dreamed of you and wanted you so much. Your daddy and I were so excited to find out about you. You were such a love baby conceived in so much love. We could see your beautiful smile, perfect little fingers, adoring little eyes. We had such dreams for you and of you. The terrible news came on Tues. when daddy took me to the hospital with terrible pains in my side only to find out that you were not growing where you were supposed to be. Yes, my darling you were in my right tube. There was nothing we could do. The pain was so terrible. Not the pain in my side but the one in our hearts. We lost you two days later. I only carried you 5 1/2 weeks but we will carry you in our hearts forever and long for the day when we will see you in heaven. God bless you our little angel and keep you safe! Forever missing you mommy and daddy


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