born Aug. 31, 1998 and died Aug. 28, 1998.
Remembered by big brother Tyler, big sister Mandy, mom, dad, and your little brother Mack:
Our sweet baby Claire who died before she was born. You were such a surprise to our family! We were so excited to find out you were on your way. With big brother and sister we began to plan and purchase things for your arrival. Something went terribly wrong and your little body didn't grow the way it should. You were missing your brain, and your heart had 5 defects. Even though we wished and prayed for things to change, you just couldn't survive in this world. You passed away a few days before you were born. The doctor was great and showed you to me, your mom. I saw all your perfect parts, your rosebud mouth, your tiny pink fingers and toes. All we got to take home from the hospital was a memory box, a tiny nightgown, blanket, and your tiny footprints. We also took home broken hearts. There's a hole in our family, baby Claire, we miss you!


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