born December 22nd and died December 22nd.
Remembered by Nathans mommy, daddy, nana, and papaw:
our darling nathan, how all of us miss you and love you. you are with us every minute of everyday. your nana has been having a very hard time and i know your mommy is too, its just so hard to understand why we had to give you back before it was even your time and never getting to know your personality or even have you to share our lives. we wanted you so much and your mommy will never get over losing you or for that matter neither will any of us. i think about spring coming and just the other day i counted the months to see how much longer we would have to go until your delivery date, but now i know that day will never come. if i had you in my arms right now i guess your mommy and i would fight over you because i wouldn't ever want to let you go. i thought time got easier but seems to me that its just now hitting me. watch over me nathan and always, always remember how much we love you. we'll be together some day soon. forever in my heart love your nana.


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