born September 14, 1998 and died September 24, 1998.
Remembered by Her mother:
Every day I miss her,need her and long to hear her voice. She had Ebsteins Anomoly-very rare heart condition. She was intubated at birth,she never made a sound. Although we knew at 5months gestation,nothing prepared us for the huge void her death would create. We stayed at her side every day and night, loving her. We talked to her, kissed her in her cradle. The night she died, we finally got to hold our baby girl. Our only daughter. Her four brothers drew her pictures that we put around her-they still talk about her. We all do. She was so beautiful,by looking at her you would never know that her heart was so damaged. She has a new brother and a sister now,we have been blessed. I know that one day we will be together, that helps ease my heart. Still, I miss her, and long to share the everyday things with her-her firsts. Instead I have to hold onto my memories of her and know that she knows I love her. Its all I have.


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