miscarried 4/17/2002.
Remembered by Mom, Dad and all of our families who loved you dearly.:
I was touched by a miracle, the day I saw two lines. The shock, the fear, the joy, a precious baby to call mine. You consumed me. My body, mind and soul. The love inside was so intense, you filled that gaping hole. And as I laid upon that bed, I saw you on the screen. Imagine my elation, when they told me there were three! A flood of pride and love, raged throughout my veins. I had THREE little miracles, THREE babies now to name. One week later, I laid upon that very bed. “One didn't make it.“ “Vanishing twin.“ Is what they said. My heart sank a bit and part of it ripped away, to be with Tadpole number three who so sadly couldn't stay. Your frantic beating hearts I saw, holding on so tight. Reminding me that both of you were still winning in this fight. I prayed for you daily, as I bonded with your souls. I knew each of you intimately, in a way only a mom can know. As hard as you fought, and as hard as I prayed, your frantic hearts stopped. God took you away. We never heard you laugh. We never dried your tears. We never brushed your cheeks. We never calmed your fears. You'll live forever in my heart, I see you each night in my dreams. My three little tadpoles, taken too soon so it seems. Do not be afraid my angels, the Lord has plans for you. You're with your big brother now, and I'll be with you when my work on earth is through. I will love you always, Mom


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