stillborn November 3,1995.
Remembered by Teresa Hankins&Angela Fahnestock:
Katlin is my niece and she would be 8 yrs.old this November.Her mother and my sister,Angela,knew something was wrong with her pregnancy.She went to doctors and had tests to find out that there was amniotic fluid leaking.We were all aware of the chance that Katlin might not survive.If my sister would of been able to carry her to at least 7 months there was a good chance she would have survived.It was a very diffcult time for us all but especially on my sister.She has had no other children since.My heart will always hold a special place for Katlin as will my sister's.Katlin is loved very much and missed so much.We know that she is safe in the Heavens with God and one day we will see her again.WE LOVE YOU KATLIN!!


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