born 8/27/99 and died 9/9/99.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Zach, Evelyn and Henry:
For nine months we loved you and prepared for your arrival. When you were born, you were our first daughter and we were thrilled. Yet we knew that something was wrong as soon as our doctor announced you. Within an hour you were taken from us and rushed to the NICU. We never got to hold you or kiss you or nurse you. Our hearts were broken, but through our daze of confusion and pain we prayed that you would be okay. We never guessed that just two weeks later we would be planning your funeral. You were so beautiful - even through all the tubes of the ECMO machine and the haze of all the drugs you had to be given. Everyone loved you with all their hearts and we somehow hoped that that would be enough to keep you with us. No matter how much love or medical care you were given it wasn't enough. We finally got to hold you when you died. A piece of all of us died with you, but our love for you might finally be filling the void of your absence. We love you, Ava, and even after 3 1/2 years we still think of you every day. Since your birth you've had a baby sister and baby brother and some day they will know how much your daddy, mommy and big brother have always loved you.


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