born November 5, 2000 and died November 20, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy:
My precious Mason, It has been 2 1/2 years since I lost you and how my heart still aches. How I yearn to snuggle you so gently against my chest. You fought so hard to stay with us, perhaps because we asked you to. How I still wonder why things couldn't have been different, why can't Daddy and I watch you run along side your little sister Hanna? You were so tiny, a whole 1lb 6oz and 11in tall, but how you impacted my life. I felt so much love when you were here, and so much pain and heartache in your passing. I hate the fact that my body let you down, I'm sorry if you suffered, but we had to try. I wish I would have gone to the hospital sooner instead of assuming it was nothing all day. I am grateful even for those 2 extra weeks I had with you, even if I was on my head. I at least knew you were safe as I felt your movements. It was very hurtful to see you intubated, to small to breathe, and i.v. lines everywhere, but we had the greatest hope that you would be o.k. Thank you for those 15 days. I loved getting to know your facial expressions and movements. I wish I could have heard you cry, and I really wish I could of held you more than once while you were alive, I hope me holding you as you passed on kept you from feeling frightened. I miss you so much baby, and please watch over Hanna, she needs it, she's kind of mischievious. You are My Sunshine!, Mommy


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