born November 2,2002 and died December 26,2002.
Remembered by Lara Lee,David and big sister Liza(2):
Our son was born 15 weeks early,weighing 1lb 14oz. He had a very healthy start for his first 4 weeks of life. He had minor complications that he conquered including breathig on CPAP until he caught a yeast infection while he was in the NICU at 6.5 weeks old. He fought it for 11 days when the doctors told us Christmas night that we needed to make a decision to say goodbye. I asked him to give us a sign that it was okay to let him go and he opened/closed his left hand asif to wave goodbye. Zachary had very powerful eyes,His nurses described him as connecting to you with his eyes. We will never know why such a brief but certainly powerful existance. He always responded to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“, that is where he waits for us.


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