born Feb. 1st 2003 and died Feb. 10th 2003.
Remembered by God Mommy (Sandy) AND Uncle Fro:
Malaika, So precious you were,when you were born, you lifted my life and now I just morn. You made me so happy and so glad, for now we can't be together,and that makes me so sad. We don't know the reason why, The lord gives and the Lord takes , but losing you nearly caused an earthguake. You were so beautiful,with such a glorious name, when you left suddenly, I nearly went in sane. The grief is more than one can bare, I won't have made it,if the Lord were not there. To have held you and touch you, it torn my heart, but I was so glad God Mommy had gotten that precious part. I know you are an angel now, in the Lords hands, so I have to bow. Why oh why did you have to leave, it was the Lord,I know you had to please. You will never be far from our hearts, and love you more with every part. Oh my Malaika I wish you were here, I keep asking God to give me a sign you are near. I leave you now with this thoughts and never be far, for I will find you in every star.


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