stillborn Dec.19,2001.
Remembered by Kathleen Mckee & John Doubledee * Mother & Father *:
Dakota was our first son. It is hard to lose a child but even harder to lose your first. The thought of losing our first son never crossed my mind or the mind of my doctors. I was never told that I was having any complications untill my water broke & then it was too late. If I had any advice to new mothers i guess it would be this : Look at all possibilities and be aware and informed on everything that is your baby and you can only assume that your doctor would tell you if something is wrong, but they may not catch it, so be prepared for anything to happen. I can say that Dakota will always be my best baby :I never had to get up and stay up with him at night or get frustrated over why he is crying. But i would trade it all to have my son back. He is and always will be apart of my everyday thoughts & although he is not with us now it is nice to know that i will always have a guardian angel looking after me that is why GOD choose my son. & A little child shall lead them.


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