born February 15, 1998 and died February 15, 1998.
Remembered by mommy (Katie Douglas):
I lost my twin boys due to premature labor (incompetent cervix). My babies, what can I say but I miss you so terribly bad. We tried for 2-1/2 yrs. to conceive and then to have twins, our hearts soared. When they told me that you would be born and die, I screamed for you in pain, the pain I knew I would endure in losing you forever. I tried so very hard to give you life, please know it is not me, but my body who failed you. Some days I feel as if I can not go on without you, but I must for your daddy and grandma. Someday we will be a family again and I'll hold you in my arms once more. Until then, I'm holding you in my heart.
Always your mommie, Katie


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