born 4/11/2002 and died 4/28/2002.
Remembered by momma and daddy jennifer and danny luten:
I remember when you were born i did not get to hold you. The docor let me touch your hand. I was so scared. So small 1lb 3 oz born at 6 months. The next day i got to see you in nicu and when i saw you i knew that you have captured my heart. I remeber when they let me change your diaper. It was the most special moment in time. I got to feel like a mom. I talked you and prayed and cried and as days went on you were doing worse. One day in the chapel daddy and momma were cring we felt a strong feeling no words could describe. Then the next day you opend your eyes for the first time and you saw us then two days later you died in my arms. I know god let you open your eyes to see us for one last time. We love you baby and miss you and someday in heaven we will hold you again and we will never have to let go.


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