born August 28, 1998 and died August 28, 1998.
Remembered by Rachel, Jack, Christa, Jackson and Harley:
As we near the day of your birthday, I look around for reminders of you. We did not have any ceremony, no goodbye. I did not plant a tree or do a lot of good deeds. I planted some remembrance crocuses our family gave us--that was all I had the strength to do. When recently they began poking through the earth I was hopeful. I thought it would mean something special to see them bloom--their beauty, a new season. Unbelievably, they never bloomed--no buds, nothing. I was so sad. Then I began thinking maybe this was Austin's way of telling me to move on, to let go. I have just gotten the courage to put your picture on the bookshelf with some dried forget me nots. Looking at you makes me less sad than my memories. You are a part of all of us.


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