born December 15, 1985 @ 25 weeks and died December 15, 1985... shortly after her birth.
Remembered by Rhonda (mommy) and Ann:
Our sweet baby Lily... how tragic that you had to leave this earth so soon... you would have been such a special blessing to those around you. the world will never know the wonderful things that you could have contributed. I'm sorry your birth was so sudden and too soon, and mommy is sorry if you were in any pain or discomfort. it was not my wish that you be born so early. i would have carried you safely within me till you were full term and healthy, able to survive and thrive in my arms. instead, because some people can be cruel, because some people seek to harm and control and abuse, you my sweet angel were born too early and slipped away while lying in my arms. i cry tears of sadness remembering your precious little face. your tiny little body, so perfect, so fragile. i am so heartbroken over the loss of you, but so blessed to have had you in my life at all. your other mommy ann has shared the remembrance of your birth with me, and also feels the terrible pain and emptiness of losing you. we will see you again someday sweetheart. we love you, mommy and ann


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