stillborn 03-06-03.
Remembered by Your loving Mother and family:
I never imagined that I would have to say goodbye to my precious Cameron this way, I never imagined that God would want him more. It's been three long hard weeks now. Each day I feel a little stronger and a little less confused. I wonder a lot how Cameron feels, and I wonder a lot about why it had to be him. Everyone keeps telling me that he's not suffering, and he'll never know hatred or an unkind word. But as much as that is a little comfort to me, it hurts me even more. It makes me think that my son wasn't good enough to live his life. But maybe he was just too good for this place, yes that's it he's too good and pure. When he was born I asked the nurse to clean him up for me before I held him. Then she came and placed him in my arms, he was small and bundled up in a white receiving blanket. He was 5 pounds and 4 ounces, 19 inches long, he was a pretty good sized little boy. I took him in my arms and gazed at his beautiful face, and fell in love instantly. He was beautiful, everything about him was perfect, he even had my nose. I'll never forget the brief 8 months when I lived my life for him. I wouldn't take any of it back. Having Cameron has made me a better stronger person. I know he is in Heaven watching over me, taking care of his mother who took care of him. I love you Cameron, you are my heart and soul. One day we will be together again.


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