miscarried July 14, 1999 and November 16, 1999.
Remembered by their Mommy Kami Drummond:
I have lost two babies in five months the first at 11 weeks along, and the second at 5 weeks along, my husband and I have been trying for two years, I have a lot of female problems so getting pregnant is a blessing, we are both just 21 years old, and this is extremely hard as everyone knows, I know we will have healthy babies one day, our children just aren't ready yet, we won't give up, we know that I can get pregnant now and that means a lot, anyone that reads this and has experienced a loss, just remember you're not alone and you will get through it, don't give up, where the strength is coming from to be positive I don't know for sure, but I know that if we keep trying it will happen. I would like to send my regards to anyone who has ever had the loss of a child. Kami Drummond


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