born September 1, 1997 and died September 1, 1997.
Remembered by your Special Adoptive Family:
Little Baby Angelica never had a chance, she was born to someone who didn't want her, she was abandoned in a trash dumpster and died in the hot Texas heat. She was a perfect little girl with lots of dark black hair. She was so beautiful. Our family had adopted another little abandoned infant 4 yrs earlier, who was luckier than little Angelica, she was found just in time. We became Angelica's "family". Our special 4 year old adopted daughter picked out clothes for Angelica and we had a beautiful funeral for her. Angelica is now in Heaven and will never feel the pain of this world again. She is now a little Angel watching down and someday I hope to meet her and hold her. I look at her little pictures from the funeral often, and I thank God everyday that our adopted little girl was found in time, and just wonder why little Angelica wasn't. She was so beautiful. And we love her just as we do our own. We were the only family she had!


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