stillborn July 18, 1992.
Remembered by Venetia Arehart, Mother:
This is in remembrance of my beautiful daughter Janice. When I was 18 I became pregnant with you. I was young and very, very scared. I was in denial for awhile. But I loved you and was willing to live with the consequences of having a child at a young age. I was uneducated in how important prenatal care was and did not see a doctor as soon as I should have. When I began to have pains, I prayed to God that I would not lose you. I ended up having an incompetent cervix and the doctors were not able to stop the labor and stop you from dying. I was only 41/2 to 5 months along. Your father was by my side the whole time. So were your grandmothers. When you were finally delivered, I did not want to hold you. I thought it would be too much to bear. Your father held you first and then I finally decided too also. It was not easy. You were so so tiny and it looked like you were taking breaths but of course the nurses informed me that was just the reaction of your dying nerves. We took pictures so I always have a memory of you. We hadn't had a name picked out so when you were born so suddenly we decided to name you after your grandmothers. You bear a great name, after some great supporting women. Your father and I are still together and have since tried to give you a brother or sister but we were not meant to have a child I suppose. I love you honey. I wish I could have given you life. I know you are safe and happy with the angels above and I am jealous for the time they have with you.


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