miscarried April 4, 2003.
Remembered by Kimberly Hill (Mommy):
At first I couldnt believe you were real. By the time I finally believed, you were gone. I carried you in my tummy for only two short months. I talked to you and even held you in a dream. And then one day in March some spotting began to show. A few days after that an ultrasound was ordered. Your heart was beating I even saw you move, but the bleeding became worse and a couple of weeks later I passed you. I saw your tiny fingers and toes, I even counted them. I looked into your face, I longed to know who you were. I drove around in my car with you beside me, I didnt know what to do with you. Some said to flush you, some said throw you away, I couldnt do either, you are my child. I found an Altoids box, I placed you inside. I wrote your name (Baby M) and the time you were alive, I wrote also that you are loved. I put three sickers on the box, a white bear, a white unicorn and a colorful butterfly. I taped the box up tight. Your daddy dug a hole, we both kissed the box and he placed you inside. You're going to have a beautiful flower garden and you'll always be loved and remembered...


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