stillborn April 28, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy (Stacey), Daddy (Tom), big brothers Christopher and Zachary and twin brother Nicholas:
My precious Jonathan, It is hard to believe that almost two years have gone by. It wasn't supposed to have ended this way. You and Nicholas arrived much too soon - babies are not meant to come 14 weeks early. You came first, so tiny and still. It was so hard to understand what was happening because suddenly I was rushed in for an emergency C-section and Nicholas was born. He was airlifted to a nearby childrens hospital where I didn't see him for two days. After I woke up and began to absorb the nightmare, my thoughts turned to you, Jonathan. You were kicking me as I went to bed that night;those were the last movements of yours that I felt. They are imprinted in my heart forever. When to nurse brought you to me, I was so overwhelmed. She placed you in my arms and you were so beautiful dressed in a white gown and cap. I wasn't sure what to do, no one is prepared to hold a dead baby. As my tears flowed and I grieved for the little boy that would never call me mommy , I was so grateful to hold you in my arms. I hope you will always remember mommys hugs and kisses. There will be more when we see you again. Thank you for watching over you twin brother during his 10 week stay in the NICU. He fought so hard - we know he did it for you. We are so grateful that he is so healthy and strong. Please continue to watch over all of us and always know how much we all love you . Keep dancing with the stars my love, so I can see you every night. All my love, MOMMY


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