stillborn April 16, 2003.
Remembered by Rozanne and Joel, proud parents of Cheyenne Rose Bautista:
To Cheyenne Rose, your daddy and I think about you often. It's like being in love, your our last thought before we fall asleep, and our first thought as we wake up. I look at your pictures and cherish them, your dad and I discuss who you looked the most like. I believe you would have looked like your daddy. Your missed dearly by your family and friends. No one really got to know you as well as I did. We had a very strong bond, it's hard for your daddy sometimes, because he wasn't the one who carried you. But, I know you loved him just as much as he loved you. We talked to you everyday that I carried you and your daddy would kiss you through my tummy. So in my heart I know you and your daddy had just as strong of a bond. Your daddy misses you and wishes he got the opportunity to know you better, to feel you move, and hear you cry. Your daddy feels really special knowing he saw you kick during an ultra-sound right before we lost you, I missed seeing you kick, and I didn't feel it, so i'd like to think it's something special you did because you knew daddy was watching. It's hard for me sometimes to believe that your gone, that we lost you. Our love is still over flowing for you always will. You'll always be close to our hearts, and in our thoughts. We love you very much. Love always mommy and daddy.


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