born October 19th 2001 and died December 29th 2001.
Remembered by Mommy Gina, Daddy Shane, and Sister Victoria:
My Heart is a Locket... My Heart holds Golden Memories of You Its a Golden Rimmed Locket Linked by a Golden Chain of Much Treasured Thoughts Safely Secure For all of time all of them mine When you use the key to open my heart There you'll see An Image of My Sweet Angel Child Lent to me for just a while. Though I know You Forever Sleep And with tears of Sorrow I begin to Weep Then I just close my eyes and My Angel I Visualize And I can see and feel You did not leave Your soul is Here on Earth Guiding Me And In the Clouds your Flying Free. Kayden Maries Website: Kaydens Nursery Page Link: (Kayden was a healthy baby taken by a silent killer called, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) please visit for more information on SIDS.


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