stillborn June 20, 2003.
Remembered by Jode and Susan Jeune:
Austin, you were an active baby, fidgety like Daddy and karate champ from weeks 17-23. Mommy thanks you for all of those midnight kicks. Daddy thanks you for making them strong enough for him to feel them on Mommy’s tummy. You passed away in Mommy’s warm tummy on her birthday, yet the biggest gift you could have given us both was the love and joy you brought to us for almost 6 months. The personality we saw in all of the ultrasounds together with our final face-to-face meeting with you gave us a complete picture of how perfect you really were. You will forever be our little baby boy, and we will never let go of the memories and the happiness you brought to us. Thank you for being our first baby, for bringing us such indescribable love and joy. We will always be your Mommy and Daddy.


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