born May 14, 2003 and died June 5, 2003.
Remembered by Raquel (mommy), Ramon (daddy), Gama Carrie, Auntie Tasha and Auntie Nikki:
Hi my name is Raquel!I am 20 years old. I was blessed with my first child on May 14, 2003,a lil' girl named Isabelle Danielle Dominguez, after we had thought we couldnt get pregnant. She was 3 weeks old when she got her wings. She was born on May 14, 2003 and left us on June 5, 2003. She was the most beautiful baby that i had ever seen. She was born with a heart defect, but that wasnt her hard battle. It could have been fixed, if she had only gotten the chance. She had developed a infection in her tummy and had emergency surgery to help her but it only got worse from there. She was my first child and i will miss her dearly! To see how beautiful she was and read more about her go to:


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