miscarried 05/12/03.
Remembered by mommy:
dear baby mckenna:) I am so sorry that I never got to meet you. You were with us for only a few short weeks before God took you back up to heaven. I miss you every day. I imagine that if you were still here, you'd be moving around and kicking, and in a few short months we would get to meet. We wern't expecting you,and i hope that you didn't think that we didn't want you. We did. We wanted so much to bring you home and introduce you to your big sister.I try to go on with my life, but it's hard because I miss you so much. I grieve for what we will never have. Everytime I think I am all out of tears, some new ones find their way down my face. I love you, and I hope we get to meet someday, so I can finally hold you in my arms and smell your sweet baby smell, touch your soft baby fuzz hair. I hope you have blue eyes like your sister. Your daddy mommy and sister miss you very much. love, mommy in memory of baby mckenna m/c on 5/12/03


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