miscarried July 4th, 2003.
Remembered by Mom and Dad (Tera and Kirk):
I'll never forget how happy I was to hear that I was pregnant. I started planning your room and all the wonderful things I was going to put into it. February 5/04 was the day that you were going to come into our lives and we could meet you. I picture you having dark hair with brilliant blue eyes. I know that we were going to name you Connor Boyd Blake. That is what you are known to me as. If you we have a boy in the future I would like to still use this name if you don't mind, but I might not be able to use the name when the time comes. I miss you now that you are not with me. I knew that you were there before anyone else knew. Your Daddy misses you too and wishes that you were still with us too. We won't forget you little one. I'm sorry that I had to say goodbye before I got the chance to properly say hello. Hugs and kisses. Love Mom and Dad.


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