born 13th august 2002 and died 18th august 2002.
Remembered by uncle nick & auntie kady:
A constant ache an emptiness A ragged hole in my heart Oh so deep and very sharp Neither tender touch nor loving word Help me please to understand What exactly is your master plan. How blessed are you the chosen few Rejoice at what only you can do. Pause a moment you should be proud Your part of a very exclusive crowd. Look upon your precious gift Open your eyes give your heart a lift. Bestow a universe of love upon your own Flesh and blood, skin and bones. Give of yourself and then give some more Let it run freely from your very core. If you could only look within our souls Youíd see you have what could make us whole. our arms are empty donít ask me why I have no answer donít make us cry. So next time you speak before you have thought Reflect on the pain that you have brought. Please hold tightly whether daughters or sons Love them forever Your precious little ones. WE LOVE U ALWAYS X.X SLEEP TIGHT SWEETIE X.X


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