born August 7, 2003 and died August 9, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy:
My precious Isabella, Mommy loves you & misses you so very much. I fell in love with you the moment I knew you were growing in my belly. Everyday for 8 months, you & I were together. I could feel you moving inside of me & was comforted by your very presence. You are a part of my heart & soul. The night you were born, I was so happy. Then when I saw you I just couldn't believe what a beautiful little girl you were. You were perfect! I longed to pick you up & hold you in my arms & kiss you all over your little face. I had never loved anyone so much. You will always be my special love, my little angel. I prayed that God would heal you so that we could be together & share our lives, but God had other plans for you. I pray that someday, you & I will be together in God's kingdom & I will finally get to know you & kiss your sweet face. All my love forever, Mommy


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