stillborn April 16th, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy:
Cheyenne, I can't believe how much I miss you. How just the tiniest thing makes me thing of you. I see these pregnant women, families with their daughters, I just start thinking about you. How would you have looked at that age, what would your voice have sounded like, or who you would have looked like. Your original due date is coming up August 28, in a week. and I want to do something special in rememberance of you. Wish you were her Cheyenne, It seems like with each day the fight gets harder and harder. I look at your picture often, you were a very beautiful baby. Mommy has so much love for you, it's still over flowing, just like it was when you were born, and just like it always will. I love you so much, and miss. It brightens my day, knowing that one day I will get to tell your siblings all about you. Miss you, and love always. Mommy


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