born 2/23/03 and died 8/5/03.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy (Kelly & James Hunt):
My little Boy, what else can I say? You were born one of three, the only little Boy with indentical twin Sisters. That made you special in my heart. You were a Daddy's Boy and everyone knew it, they knew how much you loved Daddy and how much he loved you. You fault so hard to live, you were a true survivor. You were just born to soon, which caused other problems that you could not overcome. I would have given my life for yours in a heartbeat flat my little Boy. I wonder if you will ever know how much I love you baby. Your Sisters they love you too. I wonder if they will feel like something is always missing from them....I mean you were a triplet, you were apart of them. Some people say “well be thankful that you have 2 babies“. I am thankful, but I wanted three and I do not think that is selfish. I feel empty without you Tanner, I feel alone when many people are around. I feel like something is missing inside my very soul and I wonder if that will ever go away.....I doubt it. I know we will meet again my beautiful baby and until then I want you to know I love you so very much, your Father loves you so much too and we will never let you be you were and always will be OUR SON TANNER JAMES HUNT. We miss you sweetie and think of you every single day. Thank you for trying so hard to make it for Mommy & Daddy, I know you tried so so hard and we are so proud of you. I could not be any prouder of you then I already am today. You were a fighter and touched so many people in your 5 months, people will always remember you and that my Son, is worth more than a life on earth. You have a life with the King and he will take good care of you until Mommy & Daddy come home. We love you.


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