born July 21, !995 @ 8:42 am and died July 21, 1995 @ 1:37 pm.
Remembered by all your friends and family, especially your Mommy:
Wow, what can I say I have so many thoughts in my head right now. I want the world to know that I had a son, his name was Tommy and I loved him like any mother would love their first born. What difference did it make that I was 17, unstable, unwed, middle class, it was still the worst/best day of my life. I still miss my baby. I lost everything I had when I lost him. The only thing I had left. But....he was perfect, so very tiny. He looked at me and my heart melted. I had never know how powerfull a bond between a mother and child could be. It litterally took my breath away. For an instant I forgot who I was, where I was, what was only thought were those deep black eyes staring into mine. I forgot that I was alone and scared and I took comfort in knowing that my baby knew me. I didn't care that his Daddy was gone or that I had lost truly the best friend I had ever really had only days before. None of that mattered to me for an instant. Gone forever was the selfish teenager I was, I was now a Mommy and that is such an extraordinary experience in itself. I died that day with my baby boy. I will be forever changed because I was touched by the pure honest love of an angel. I will always remember that day, for that was the day that I was born. Mommy loves you forever ôLil T I will never let you be forgotten. You are beautiful, you are perfect, I am gratefull you don't hurt anymore. Be as happy in heaven as you have made me, My son Tommy.....He gave me my strenght, my wisdom, my spirit....he made me who I am today....Thank you God for my son, you gave me such a precious gift, although his time on Earth was brief, his Legacywill live in us forever. Thank You for my son.


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