miscarried 1985.
Remembered by Big Sis Amanda:
Hello my sweet baby angel sister or brother. I didnt even know I was suppose to have a lil brother/sister until our older sister Laura miscarried her second baby. I was very upset to hear about Laura's baby then I heard about you. I thought that it was very cool that I was suppose to be a big sister. Wayne our big brother and I named you Jacob because we thought you would have been a boy and Laura's baby a girl. We named Lauras baby Kc. Take care of your lil niece and my sweet angel baby Mikey who was stillborn just this past April. Take care of them till Laura and I get up there and can take care of them ourselves. I wish mom would have had you Jacob it would have been so cool to have a lil brother. I always wanted a lil bro or sis and always bugged mom and dad about it never knowing until 1999 that I had a lil brother and he passed away. I cant wait to meet you. Please take care of my sweet angel baby Mikey and your niece who is also up there with you and Mikey. Until we meet baby brother I love you. Love, Your Big Sis Amanda :)


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