stillborn October 8th 2001.
Remembered by Daddy,Daniel,Mommy,Lisa,Sisters,Jennifer,Amber,Danielle,Brothers,Daniel,Noah.:
Our Precious Angel Zachary was such a Beautiful Baby,I got to hold him for 3 short hours,he ahd already went to be with the LORD,at that time,but I got ot hold him,and that was the important thing.I never thought I would ever have to go through anything like this,I never thought a mother could feel so much hurt and pain,but one thing I have to keep telling myself that he is in a Beautiful place,and that he is watching over me,and all his brothers ,and sisters.He is so Loved,and Missed.I collect Angels in his rememrence. “Zachary ,Mommy and Daddy Love You And Miss You So Very Much!!!. One thing i did do,is I wrote a poem for his funeral,I started to read it,but broke down,and my hsuband had to come up and get me,and the Minister read the rest,which I'm forever grateful for that.Zachary is very Loved and Missed.Zachary weighed 9 ounces,and was 7 3/4 inches long.“Very Beautiful Angel“


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