born June 25 2003 and died August 13 2003.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Gabrielle:
You came into our lives as a true miracle of God. No one knows why he put you on this earth in the our care or even what we have done in our lives to deserve the honor of being your parents. Your Daddy and I are still young and doing our best to understand everything that happened in those short 7wks. All I know is that I have a LOVE for you like I've never known before. I feel okay with your death and can handle the fact that your physicaly gone for now. I just thank God every day that I was able to be a mother(even if it was for a short time)and I prasie him for sending me ANGLE to hold and to call mine. Bradly we LOVE you more than you'll ever know. Untill the day we come to be with you your true FATHER will hold you and LOVE you. FOR EVEYONE WHO IS READING THIS MY SON WAS A BRAVE TRISOMY 13 BABY WHO BATTLED THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS ALIVE. I ADMIRE HIS SPIRIT AND HIS WILL TO LIVE. TO ALL TRISOMY PARENTS AND THOSE WHO HAVE LOST A CHILD KEEP YOUR FAITHIN GOD AS HE WIIL REUNITE YOU AND YOURS IN THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM.


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