miscarried October 1, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Big brother Trevor, Grandpa, and Grandma:
To my little angel in heaven:
If you were a boy, your name was going to be Justin Keith. Your Daddy liked that name. If you were a girl, Grandpa picked out the name Savanna Lynn (my middle name is Lynn). I just wanted you to know your name and how much I wanted and loved you. I will never know why you were taken away, but I know you will live in my heart forever my sweet baby. Trevor was looking forward to being your big brother. I was looking forward to your bright eyes, tiny fingers and toes, and that seeing that toothless baby smile for the first time. May God be able to enjoy all of these things about you and keep you happy and safe in heaven. All my love forever, Mommy


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