stillborn 25 october 2003.
Remembered by Auntie Lisa:
To my angel sophie. I long to hold you close to my heart and keep you safe and warm. You are my first and only niece, a bond thats strong and true and all the trials in the world cant take my love from you. So little sophie i want you to know that i love you so very much, And im empty inside without you a part of me's been lost. Your mother longs to hold you, to touch your baby soft skin. But we'll meet one day in heaven were nothing can keep us apart. So little one if your listening, take no notice of our tears, we are only expressing the pain of not having you here. Time will heal, our pain will lessen, But one thing is for sure, we will never forget the angel we had a beautiful baby girl. So when the time is ready please wait for us at the gates and smile at us as we come through, as we''ll be happy as were with you. Goodnite,Godbless our little angel. I love you. Auntie Lisa


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