miscarried June 27, 1999.
Remembered by Troy, Amy, Ty, and Halley:
You've left footprints in our hearts and are now leaving them in heaven. Holding you is only a dream, but we know one day it will come true. You are thought of often. Give Grandpa Bob,Granny, Grandma Dovie and the rest of your grandparents and family hugs and kisses for us. We love and miss you. Mommy says, “Even though I never got to hold you and look at you, you changed my life and who I am. God has shown me my ministry thru you. You have made me a better person. I just wish I could be that same better person and hold you too! God has reasons for everything and I know you understand that - better than me. I can't wait to see your face and hold you.“ We love you!!!


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